SmartWellness Asistant Networkservice                                                                "SWANS "

SWANS introduction

 - The user can get convenience on the health inspection and find calm


   The users can grasp health condition anywhere anytime easily,

  and get the automatic and hand-operated advice of the expert.

       *reduce the medical expenses

       *reduce the burden of the user


-  The Guardians can find calm resignation.    

    Guardians can always grasp the healthy situation of the user.

       *give the community relief and reduce social cost

reduce the business risk of the micro-credit company


-  The doctor can get the efficiency on the medical examination.     

   The doctor can grasp the state of the patient and can advise them

 anywhere anytime.

       *reduce the burden of the doctor and medical personnel

       *show the ability of an excellent doctor to the maximum

       *give the time when a person really necessary for a doctor is treated