14, Februry ,2018   

For Health Management Solutions

 Put out  a press release stating that we SST , DNP and NTT docomo have started

 substantiative experiment  using self hearth examination system -  new type of  SWAN 

 Demonstration experiment of "self health measurement" for providing health management solution has been started.


Development of new type of health Kiosk Terminal




Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (here in after, DNP), NTT Docomo (hereinafter, DoCoMo), and Smart Service Technologies Inc. (hereinafter, SST) are a new type "health kiosk Terminal "(hereafter "this terminal "). In addition, these three companies will conduct a demonstration experiment of this terminal for employees of DNP to provide "Health Management Solutions" that can promote health promotion and early detection of health abnormalities.



Outline and background of implementation of demonstration experiment


Period: February 14, 2018 ~ March 31, 2018 (planned)

Location: DNP Head Office (1-1-1, Ichigayakaga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

Target: 100 or more DNP employees

Measurement items: height, weight, BMI *, body fat percentage, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, fat metabolism level,Alcohol intake (total 9 items)


* BMI: The body mass index representing the degree of obesity in human; calculated from the relationship between body weight and height.


 Background :

Medical expenses in Japan have been increased about 41.3 trillion yen in FY 2016, which is a heavy burden on governments and local governments. Lifestyle-related diseases account for about 30% of this medical expenses, and prevention and improvement are urgent.


DNP implements a health challenge campaign as part of employee health management support, and DoCoMo provides health management solutions through collaboration with partner companies. DNP and DoCoMo, which are also accredited corporations "Healthy Business Superior Corporation 2017", focus on the health kiosk terminals that allows easy self-measure multi-item health index on a one-stop basis, focusing on new health kiosk terminals, new models "Health Kiosk Terminal "with SST. 


By using this terminal usually on a regular basis, it will be possible to promote health promotion and early detection of health anomalies, and it is expected to lead to not only reduction of medical expenses but also improvement of productivity and extension of healthy life expectancy.

Three companies will provide this terminal to DNP's workplace for the provision of health management solutions, and will verify the usefulness of employees for improving health awareness and health promotion.


About the new "health kiosk terminal"


The user of this terminal can perform personal measurement using ID card and operate various built-in sensing IoT devices and health equipment by themselves, according to the screen guidance, to measure health condition. In the demonstration, it is possible of measuring nine items including height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, fat metabolism level, and alcohol intake.


To measure the fat metabolism level and alcohol intake, we adopted the world's first "palm skin gas measurement device" that DoCoMo has developed and can work, which can measure biogas components released from the skin surface simply by holding the palm of your hand. We have adopted the world's most advanced self-health measurement, including visualizing the fat metabolism level related to obesity, which is the source of all sickness.


Result of the Measurement can be displayed on the screen on the spot, print outs and accumulated on the server via the network; so users can browse them on a dedicated website.


We are considering coordination between measured data by this terminal and meal data acquired in a meal management system, such as a company cafeteria, and we are planning to cooperate with upper server, and we are considering energy consumption, salt equivalent, protein, sugar, lipid, dietary fiber Fulfillment of more detailed health management taking dietary data into account satisfying the provisions of the country.


We have designed to measure the mental health by installing a stress check application.


  Main improvements from the older "health kiosk terminal"


Under the guidance of the National University Corporation Kyushu University System LSI Research Center (Kyushu University), SST develops and manufactures, and SST, Kyushu University, and DoCoMo plan to conduct health management of local residents. We have conducted thousands of user tests in Japan and overseas.


As a result, although certain evaluation was obtained for maintenance and promotion of health, the following issues were also clarified, and a solution was made at the new terminal.


Measurement time: Measurement of more than 14 items such as height, weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, body temperature, pulse rate, visual acuity, hearing ability, vital capacity, glaucoma, cataract, electrocardiogram waveform, mental health, dementia, etc. can be measured in the old terminal.  Well, Measurement of all items may take over 30 minutes, but if any problem occurs, single user occupies the health kiosk terminal for a long time. On the other hand, in the new terminal, based on the results of user`s tests and market surveys so far, we narrowed down to the above-mentioned nine measurements that were particularly high in demand, included voice guidance, etc.,


The measurement time of all items required 2 to 5 minutes per user, which achieves a substantial shortening.


Measurement method: On older terminals, it was necessary to perform the entire measurements in  standing state, which becomes a pain for the user. There was also a problem that the measurement accuracy of blood pressure decreased in standing position.


On the other hand, In the new terminal, it is possible to perform the tests by sitting in the KIOSK, the measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, fat metabolism level, and alcohol intake, except for measurement of height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage.


Also, in older devices, measurement of fat metabolism level and presence of alcohol requires injection of exhaled breath using straw, and it is difficult to inject breath such as the elderly person. Stock management of straw, which is a consumable item, was also challenged being cumbersome. On the other hand, breath injection itself is unnecessary in the new terminal, so measurement can be done just by holding the palm of your hand.


Privacy: On the old terminal, the screen display of the measurement result was easily visible by others in the surroundings, and there was a problem from the viewpoint of privacy. On the contrary, by reviewing the layout design of the monitor in the new terminal, improvement is made so that it cannot be visible by others.



Major roles of each company


DNP: Specification and implementation of verification experiment specifications,

       We provide statistics to individuals so that individuals cannot identify experimental data obtained

       and provide them to each company

Docomo: Providing and maintaining palm skin gas measuring device.

SST: Providing and maintaining new type health kiosk terminal.

Company-wide: Analyze the results obtained, examine the improvements, examine the feasibity and

     actions commercialization.



Future Initiatives]


Based on the results of this demonstration experiment, the three companies will target to commercialize services utilizing this terminal during the fiscal year 2018; not only for enterprises but also for pharmacies, local government facilities, medical facilities, etc.

At DoCoMo booth at comprehensive business fair "OFFICE LIVE 2018", held in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka from Wednesday, February 21, 2018 to Thursday, February 22, an experience of the palm skin gas measurement device measurement can be obtained.