Company Plofile


Company Name       SMART SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES Inc.    


Founded                    September 18, 2012         


Capital                      47 million yen   


President                   Koji Ishida  



      #203, Experimental Center for Social System Tecnologies 2F , Itoshima, Fukuoka,

       8191122, JAPAN             

      tel : +81(92)332-8900 / fax : +81(92)332-8904   

     ( Tenporary office for hudling Kyushu University's works ) .


Business Statement:                       

  -Develop the service model of Kyushu University-launched social intelligence infrastructure, 


  -Develop, support and sales of VRICS (eveSIPS) application based materials. 

  -ASP (Cloud-service) operation                     

  -Wide variety of antenna operation